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(A registered conservation area, located within a proclaimed nature reserve, covering over 12 500 hectares), Finsbury is a 3 100 hectare property owned by Finsbury Estate Share Block (Pty) Limited. It is recognized as one or the premier trout fishing estates in South Africa.

Finsbury Estate is recognised as an important part of the Lydenburg Centre of Endemism.

Finsbury Estate’s waters comprise some twenty seven kilometers of rivers and streams spread over four valleys, namely the Majubane, Steenkamps and Kliprots valleys, all of which converge into the Spekboom valley. Rainbow and brown trout breed naturally in the rivers and these are supplemented with fish from the hatchery to ensure adequate stocking.

The operating costs of the farm are funded by way of quarterly levies on shareholders.

There are twenty four share blocks in respect of which twenty two houses have been constructed to date. Use of the property is restricted to four shareholders and/or nominated users per share. A shareholder or nominated user must be present to host guests at all times. A maximum of ten people may be accommodated per unit, or be present on the property, with a limit of four rods in use at any one time.

Being at the end of a 20 km gravel road and with controlled access; Finsbury is an extremely secure destination.The shareholders have authorized the use of houses by the spouse, parent or adult child of a shareholder, without the presence of the shareholder, subject to certain prescribed conditions. This authority is reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting.

The farm is managed by Rob and Yvette Panos on a full time basis, together with a substantial supporting staff. The Estate and the Nature Reserve make a significant contribution to the local economy and community. Farm management is responsible for the day to day management of the farm, hatchery and fishing waters and will endeavour to assist members and their guests wherever possible.


Office hours

Office hours

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Finsbury Estate Share Block (Pty) Limited, PO Box 637, Lydenburg 1120

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